Should Ohio Senator Portman face a Primary Challenger

Senator Portman ran in 2010 and again in 2016 as a conservative candidate.   In 2016,  he rode into victory riding the coat tails of Donald Trump and a campaign promise of “I’ll Repeal Obamacare”.

Over the years, Sen Portman has proven to be a lot less “Conservative” than what he campaigned on. He sided with Ohio’s other Senator, extreme left liberal Sherrod Brown, to fully fund Planned Parenthood, fully fund Obamacare, approve the Iranian Nuclear deal, approve President Obama’s full Executive Amnesty for illegal immigrants, etc, etc.  Sadly,  Sen Portman seems to side with Sen Sherrod Brown more than he does the Republican Conservative base that elected him.

In the summer of 2017,  Sen Portman has once again shown he’s not going to do what he said he’d do.

Question:  Is it time to find a replacement for Portman? Perhaps with someone who does what they say they’ll do..  We’re not sure yet,  but the time to start planning is now.  CLICK HERE to stay informed.